Consumer Bankruptcy


The filing of a bankruptcy case is not a matter to be treated lightly. All financial resources and avenues to resolve financial difficulties should be carefully reviewed before the decision to file a bankruptcy case is made. However, the bankruptcy laws were designed to give financial relief to those that are overburdened with debt.

You may want to consider the filing of a bankruptcy case if you experience any of the following:

  • Your house is scheduled for a foreclosure sale and you would like to save it                                            
  • You have had your bank accounts garnished and need immediate relief. 
  • You have had your vehicle repossessed and need immediate relief
  • You are constantly receiving creditor calls for overdue debts
  • You have creditors that are currently suing you or have obtained judgments against you
  • You have financial obligations you cannot pay that result from a divorce or death in the family
  • You are having great difficulty repaying your medical or credit card debts
  • You need to try and obtain a loan modification for a mortgage on your home
  • The value of your investment property has fallen far below the amount of the debt now owed on the property.
  • You owe back taxes to the IRS and cannot afford to pay them

If you are constantly struggling to pay your debts, you should at least consult with a reputable bankruptcy attorney in order to fully investigate all of your financial options. Our offices have been engaged in the practice of bankruptcy law in excess of 30 years and we are fully knowledgeable and able to provide sound advice regarding all of your many options. In addition, the firm is fully knowledgeable about ALL types of bankruptcy case filings and can advise as to the best relief available to fit your particular circumstances. In addition, the firm serves as mediator in mortgage modification situations and is fully versed on the requirements to obtain loan modifications through the bankruptcy court system.
The initial consultation with our firm is free. Probably the best money you never spent. . . .

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