A mediation is a process wherein a neutral third party is appointed (as a “Mediator”) and listens to the positions of both parties' positions, in a pending dispute. The mediator then assists the parties in coming to an amicable resolution. The Mediator does not dictate a result; the parties arrive at a negotiated settlement. In contrast, in litigating a case, the judge (or jury) will decide which party will win – and which will lose. One party wins it all; one party loses it all. In a mediation, both parties win a little and give up a little in order to reconcile their differences. Mediation is also a much cheaper and more expeditious way to handle any type of dispute. Ms. Ryan is a certified mediator, and has served as mediator, or has represented many adversarial parties through the mediation process. Further, when a client is sued by a creditor (and the client really does not have many other financial issues), Ms. Ryan has served as a mediator in the state court collection lawsuit and assisted in the resolution of the claim – at the state court level – and even before the consideration of a bankruptcy case filing ever became necessary. Speak to Ms. Ryan specifically about this if you have special issues that may be able to be resolved through the mediation process.